Hoi An Old Town Boats at Night

tháng 9 23, 2023

Hoi An Lantern Boat Ride Experience

A lantern boat ride on Hoi An Old Town’s canal is a must-try experience after the sun goes down. It’s iconic, surreal, only in this world heritage site. During it, travelers will see a mesmerizing scene mosaiced by lantern-lit streets and houses, chaotic crowds of pedestrians, and shimmering paper lanterns floating on the water. The energy of the town reaches its peak. In addition to plenty of memorable photo opportunities, the passengers also have a chance to light up a paper lantern by themselves and then drop down the canal. Locals often make wishes and the tradition may have a Buddhist root. If moving around An Hoi Bridge (“Bridge of Lights”), passengers need to head down or squat to go under it. The ride time is 15 minutes minimum.

A boat is easy to find when strolling along the waterfront Bach Dang or Cong Nu Ngoc Hoa St. Even travelers don’t need to ask about it, lots of locals come closer and invite them to pay for their ride. However, there are two different areas to get around: the water near Hoi An Central Market and the water near An Hoi Bridge. Second area provides a better experience and recommended experts.

The best time to get a lantern boat ride is in the busiest hours of Hoi An Old Town and the Night market. During it, travelers can see most lanterns on the canal and boisterousness from crowds.

Cost of Hoi An Lantern Boat Ride

Hoi An lantern boat ride price depends on how long travelers want to take, and number of passengers. For a 15-minutes experience, it’s around 50,000 VND per person

Bar on Lantern Boat
Hoi An Old Town Boats at Night

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